teacup dogs for sale

If you’ve long dreamed of getting yourself a smart dog that’s cute and sweet to look at and tiny as well, the teacup dogs for sale will fit the bill to the T. Due to their small size, these dogs are best for small houses and apartments. Teacup dogs are quite friendly and love to be held closed and cuddles, which is just what most pet owners would love to do with them. They’re very affectionate and when you come back home after a hard day’s work there’s nothing better than having a teacup dog waiting to welcome you back.

Size, weight and teacup breeds of dogs

Tea cup dogs are quite small and can weight just 1.5 pounds. Their size rarely exceeds 18 inches, therefore, if you want a really small dog that look like a toy, then look no further than a teacup dog. These dogs come in different breeds, and each of them have their own distinctive characteristics. Some of these breeds are Maltese, Chihuahuas, Yorkies and Poodles. Even a fully grown teacup dog rarely weighs more than four pounds.

How to care for cheap teacup dogs for sale?

You can buy teacup dogs for sale on a pet shop and they are also available with many online sellers. The best way to buy them is only through genuine sellers so that you know you’re getting the best dog at the best price. The teacup dogs have low temperatures so they need warmth in the house to remain healthy. Therefore, before bringing them home, you should prepare warm bedding at a secure place in your house.

Aside from maintaining proper temperature, teacup dogs also need highly nutritious food. The puppies must eat at least one tablespoon of food every three hours. Some teacup dogs are not good eaters at first, so you should try anything. Soak some puppy food in a hot water to soften it. You can also mix some Pedigree for toy dogs, or some canned food, and check if he’ll eat that. Try to offer some roasted chicken that is cut into small pieces, dark meat can be offered in a shallow dish. The most important thing is that your puppy must eat.

Buying the best tiny teacup dogs for sale

All pet owners interested in teacup dogs must do proper research and find all necessary things that are required to keep these dogs healthy. They have special nutritional needs and once they’re properly addressed, you will have healthy puppy or dog in hand. You should also check the background of the breeder. Enquire about the pedigree lines especially if you’re planning to enter your dog into a dog show.
Like the Chihuahua, most teacup dogs for sale are not idea for young kids. This dog breed is snippy and protective. Since kids are careless, they might even hurt the dog. The Teacup dogs are best suited for households with all adults or senior citizens. Teacup dogs should be taken outdoors on a regular basis for exercise, and they also have proper times to eliminate.

Lastly, be open to any good advice from the breeder of Teacup dogs for sale as to which puppy or which breed would be best suited for your home. Once the selection has been made, your chosen breeder should offer backup and assistance to you in the area of feeding, care and training

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